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d204: [12.02] A - Cerl

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Time Limit :1000 ms | Memory Limit : 64000 KBytes
Update : 2012-04-09 12:26

Content: English | Chinese(TW)

Cerl is an “old-fashion” programing language, and it appears in this modem era. Dr. Cerl want his students know how to design it. Help the students of Dr. Cerl to write a program which reads lines of text and recognizes the Cerl tokens in them.

Technical Specification

  1. The only data type is integer.
  2. All identifiers are implicitly declared and are not longer than 32 char- acters.
  3. Identifiers are composed of letters, digits and underscores.
  4. At least one character of the identifiers is not a digit.
  5. Literals are strings of at most 8 digits.
  6. Comments begin with -- and end at the end of the line in which they start.
  7. Statement types are (a) Assignment:
    • <identifier> := <expression>
      where expressions are constructed from identifiers, literals, operators +, -, and parentheses as follows:
      • all identifiers and literals are expressions,
      • if a and b are expressions then a+b, ab, +a, a, (a) are expressions.
    • Input/Output:
      • read (List of identifiers)
      • write (List of expressions)
      • (Items in the list are separated by comma)
  8. begin, end, read, and write are reserved words.
  9. Each statement is terminated by a semicolon.
  10. Cerl is case-sensitive, for example BegIN is not the same keyword as beGin.
  11. Cerl tokens are defined to be the identifiers, the literals, or the following symbols:
    • +
    • -
    • (
    • )
    • :=
    • ;
    • ,
Notes: the assign operator is to be considered one Cerl token; spaces, tabs, and end-of-lines are allowed between the tokens; no part of any comment is a token; successive tokens that are either identifiers, literals, or reserved words must be separated by a space, a tab, or end-of-line; no token is allowed to contain a space, a tab, or end-of-line. 



  • The output file consists of blocks corresponding to the blocks in the input file.
  • In the lines of each block there are successively stored the Cerl tokens recognized by the program (just one token on each line).
  • Each token must be written on the output line in exactly the same form as it appears in the input text.
  • If the program encounters a string that is neither a Cerl token, nor com- ment, nor space, tab, end-of-line, it is to write the string TOKEN_ERROR on a new line and continues by processing the next block in the input file.
  • The program writes one empty line after each block of the output file. 

Sample Input:help

若題目沒有特別說明,則應該以多測資的方式讀取,若不知如何讀取請參考 a001 的範例程式。
A1:= A+(-B)

A123_A123 )
01.2 A B

:= A beGIn


Sample Output :





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